Investigating Late Day


VeriPrime Beef Cooperative is investigating the merits of developing a Late Day Death Loss Insurance Program.

Late Day Death Loss Insurance would provide coverage for feedyards and their customers from losses due to bloats, suddens, AIP, and heat stress. Feedyard dividends of up to 70 percent is expected.Feedyard dividends of up to 70 percent is expected.

After working with the nation’s strongest insurance providers for more than a year, VeriPrime has selected one of the industry’s largest and most prominent underwriters, Willis International, to assist in developing this service.

Low premium cost is the primary objective. The program therefore focuses on strategies to reduce death loss such as a supplement used by organic producers instead of CTC (at the same cost per head) and initiatives to increase treatment success.

Implementation begins immediately with the Willis team performing an actuarial analysis. Feedyards need only sign a hospital data release to participate.

Confidential data will not be collected.


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