During the feasibility study VeriPrime will continue to conduct more meta-analysis and ongoing research trials.

  1. Methods to Increase Commercial Vaccine Response
  2. Methods to Increase Effectiveness of Draxxin, Zuprevo, Zactran, and Micotil.
    a. This trial will look at the morbidity, mortality, and lung lesions in cattle fed PreVent, intranasal challenge with pneumonia, and treated with macrolide antibiotics.
  3. Vaccination Titers vs Late Day Death loss
  4. Lung Sounds to Predict Treatment Success
  5. Heart Sounds as a Late Day Death Loss Indicator
  6. Probiotics Vs Bloats
  7. AIP Interventions
  8. Heat Stress Interventions
  9. Bacterial and Viral Pathogen Surveillance
  10. Cataloging BVD virus escaping Commercial Vaccines.