Starting a captive begins with a feasibility study to determine premium costs. This means collecting 5-year historical hospital data into an actuarial data set. No confidential data will be collected.

Participants submitting 5-year historical hospital data into the pooled data set will be analyzed by the Willis Actuarial Team. Participants will receive a copy of the final analysis which will include reports such as:

  1. 5- year Summary -Death Loss by cause
  2. 5- year Summary – Death Loss by cause and DOF
  3. Treatment vs Morbidity
  4. Vaccination Program vs Morbidity
  5. Metaphylactic treatment vs Morbidity

The Willis team will provide a data gathering template to help veterinarians define how bloats, suddens, and AIP’s are denoted in the hospital system.

Optimum participation would be 20 percent of the 200 VeriPrime feedyard members.

Members wishing to participate simply provide a hospital data release.

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